Riding Military Horses

We are the only private members club offering civilians the opportunity to ride at the Household Cavalry and Kings’ Troop. It is a great privilege to be invited as guests of these military regiments and, as such, all members must always abide by their rules and requests. Anyone wishing to ride in or spectate a session must be aware of the following points:

October 2020: Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, London District restrictions on the Barracks mean we are unable to run our Wednesday evening sessions. Please sign up to our newsletter to hear as soon as we have a date to resume!
These lessons are designed for experienced and competent riders. The horses are all big, strong and fit horses. Whilst we do not expect expert riders, you must be very competent in walk, trot and canter. Riders should be aware that they will most likely be allocated at random to their horses. All prospective riders MUST watch a complete lesson before riding and this must be done prior to the week they intend to ride in.
As a reminder, and as per the form riders are ask to complete, riders must have appropriate Personal Accident cover and should supply the Riding Club with a copy of their certificate if they have not already done so. The Cavalry is not a typical ‘Riding School’ and as an agreement of our riding with them, the appropriate personal insurance must be held by all riders.
We are allowed a small number of spectators to watch each lesson. This list of names is submitted to the Guard Room on a Monday afternoon and confirmed by The Riding Club team when they arrive before lessons. Those on that list must present photographic ID at the guard room before they will be shown to the viewing gallery. We cannot have members turning up unless their name is on that list, as it jeopardises the security protocol we have agreed with the MOD. If you would like to watch a lesson, please get in touch. Spectators are limited only to the Gallery and are not allowed to the stables.
When riding at the Cavalry, all riders are expected to unrug, groom and tack up their horses. After the lesson, riders are expected to turn-in their horses properly which may include lightly washing them or bandaging them. If your horse is sweaty you should speak to a member of the RCL Team before re-rugging your horse—you may have to wait for the horse to cool before re-rugging. All the horses are ridden with standard ‘civilian’ kit, often including martingales, breastplates and risers under the saddle. A member of The Riding Club Team will always be around overseeing the lessons, but can not assist with tacking up for safety reasons.
Riders must all have hats up to the current BHS safety standards. Riders must always wear hats and boots when tacking up, untacking or moving around the horses in both the stalls and riding school. In the stalls, we remind riders to be diligent and sensible as some horses are prone to kicking out. Spurs can not be worn by any riders at any time when riding the Cavalry horses.
For security reasons, any members wishing to ride at the Household Cavalry must purchase a Household Cavalry Pass at the rate of £65. This pass grants access to the barracks for the Wednesday evening lessons for 12 months from the date of purchase.
As a reminder, booked lessons are non-refundable. However, if we're able to find someone to take your place, we may be able to issue a refund minus a £7 admin fee.
Mobile phones are strictly not to be used in the lines or when handling horses. If you would like photos taken of you riding, please ask the Riding Club team member who will be happy to do so.
These lessons can only take place when the horses are not required for military and ceremonial duties. Lessons can sometimes be cancelled by the military at short notice. There is usually a break over the summer (~June to August/September) when the Household Cavalry horses go to summer camp and out to grass.

For all visiting the Barracks…


  • Enter the Barracks from Kensington Road.
  • Exit Knightsbridge Station via the North exit.
  • You should come out next to a McLaren Dealership.
  • Passing the Burberry Store on your left and McLaren/One Hyde Park on your right walk down for a few minutes towards a pedestrian crossing in front of the Barracks.
  • Just before you reach the pedestrian crossing the gate will be on your right.
  • It has a bell and brass plate saying Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

You will need photographic ID in order to gain entry. When you ring the bell you should state you are with The Riding Club. Then approach the guard room (directly opposite the foot gate and up the stairs) to present your ID – your name will be on a pre-approved list.

To reach the viewing gallery, follow the foot ramp to the left of the footgate, around the corner of the building. Opposite the end of the ramp, across the road, go through the glass door. Pass the gym on the RHS and on the left will be door into the viewing gallery.

NO-ONE should go to the stables unless they are accompanied by a member of the RCL team or HCav personnel. Spectators and riders should report to the viewing gallery.

For riders new to the Cavalry lessons…

Please arrive ½ hour ahead of your lesson so you are not rushed tacking up and report to the viewing gallery – not the stables. If you are going to be late please let an RCL team member know by calling us on 020 3589 2385.

Please do not take pictures for social media in the lines (stables), this is a request of the MOD and we ask riders to respect this. If you would like a picture of you riding please ask a member of the RCL team.

For spectators…

Please keep noise to a minimum when in the viewing gallery (it’s amazing how much noise carries into the school!)

Please do not take pictures of riders without permission from an RCL team member.

Spectators are welcomed from 7pm until 8pm.


Thanks for visiting Riding Club London!

Unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic our events are on hold and we are currently unable to accept new members.

You can keep up-to-date by signing up to our newsletter or drop us an email and we will be glad to help!

We hope to see you all again very soon.

Best wishes, RCL Team